Martini is the 2012 Sweet Adelines International Champion Quartet.

Martini Tenor, Corinna Garriock is one of Martini's two Canadian singers, hailing from the East Coast of Canada and currently living and working in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. She started in Sweet Adelines at the ripe old age of 24, initially as a baritone, but quickly switching to tenor to sing with her first competing quartet, "The Leading Edge". They placed second in the 1989 Region 26 Quartet Competition - and Corinna was smitten with the quartet bug! She's rarely been out of a quartet since, singing with a variety of combinations in her 20+ years of membership including Five Foot Four, Brava! (1995-2000 and a 9th Place International medal), Omni (2002 Region 26 Champions), Transit (2005 Region 13 Champions) and most recently, Mojo (2007 Region 13 Champions and four time Top Ten international quartet finalists). Corinna is also a member and Assistant Director of Lions Gate Chorus from Vancouver, under the Master 700 direction of Sandy Marron (Tenor of Brava!, 2004 International Quartet Champions). Prior to joining Lions Gate chorus, she was a member and then Master Director of the Westcoast Harmony Chorus in Surrey, B.C. She is also an Approved Candidate Judge in the Music Category, an Arranger, member of the Regional Education Faculty and past Education Coordinator/Director of Musical Activities for Region 26. Professionally, Corinna is a Senior Manager with Capgemini, a global consulting, technology and outsourcing firm. Her work stretches her tenor brain to the max, but she appreciates the contrast between her professional and artistic endeavors.

Martini Lead - Michelle Shoemaker joined Sweet Adelines at the age of 13 and is a proud front row member of the Song of Atlanta show chorus in Atlanta, Georgia. She also serves as the Music Team President and In-House Coach for the chorus and is on the Regional Faculty for the Heart of the Blue Ridge, Region 14. Michelle's love and appreciation for this art-from began early as she was raised by barbershop parents, Portia and Jerry, who actually met at an afterglow - Bless their hearts! Portia is the lead of the "The Bron's Tones, 1971 International Quartet Champions". In fact, Michelle and Portia are one of only five mother/daughter sets to have won the International Championship - Martini won on the Bron's Tones 40th Anniversary! Michelle lives in Atlanta with her husband, Keith (who is an Ironman triathlete), and their 3 furry babies. She works at a local law firm as a Legal Assistant.

Martini Baritone - DeAnne Haugen is a 26 member of Sweet Adelines International and proud member of the Melodeers Chorus in Chicago, IL, Region 3. DeAnne loves sharing the Melodeers Chorus with her friends and family including her Mom, Jan Albrecht, and her sister in law, Dawn Stern. She is thrilled, proud and honored to be a current double gold medal champion with the Melodeers and Martini! DeAnne lives in Wisconsin, has been married for 20 years to the love of her life, Scott, and has four boys: Derek (30), Josh (28), Jake (24) and Nick (14). DeAnne is not the only barbershopper in the family... Scott, Josh and Jake are all members of the Midwest Vocal Express Chorus and Josh and Jake placed 17th with the quartet, Voices Only, in 2007. Josh is now the baritone of Skyline quartet and is currently the interim director of the MVE. Jake is now the bass of Expedition quartet. DeAnne works for their family owned business as the General Manager and Buyer of a small chain of 4 Hallmark Stores.

Martini Bass - Shannon Harris is the other of Martini's two Canadian singers, and currently, the only two-time Canadian Queen of Harmony, having won previously with Brava! Quartet in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2003. She was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and now resides on the west coast of Canada in Surrey, British Columbia. She started Sweet Adelines at the age of 25 as a Lead with Westcoast Harmony Chorus (formerly known as Burnaby Chorus) and switched to Bass eight years later. Her chorus home is now with the award winning Lions Gate Chorus, where she is the Bass section coach and former Team Coordinator.  Besides Martini Quartet, Shannon's only other quartet experience began in 1997 with Brava!, the 2004 International Quartet Champions. She attributes her musical growth to what she learned from singing with Sandy Marron, Elaine Cotton & Lynn Gerard. Shannon is married to her high school sweetheart, Ken, and they have 3 children: Kelsey, Mike and Briana. Although singing is a huge part of her life, it's the times she spends with her husband and family traveling, skiing, zip trekking, hiking, camping and entertaining that make her life complete. Professionally, Shannon is a full time Communications Supervisor/Dispatch Instructor for the Surrey Fire Department and also handles the administrative and bookkeeping of her husband's custom stainless tree sheet metal company. Yes, a busy life, but she wouldn't have it any other way!

Awards and Achievements:

Martini Quartet is extremely excited and proud to be crowned the 2012 International Quartet Champions of Sweet Adelines International and we're already having a fantastic time getting to know people all around the world! We have a very exciting year planned, so be sure to keep your glass perfectly chilled and visit our site often to check out what's new and freshly shaken with Martini!

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