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Quest was formed in the summer of 2014. Love of music comes naturally, as all four grew up in musical families who loved to sing. As members of the Melodeers Chorus – 7-time International Champions -- they are always learning new ways to thrill audiences.

Mary Ann Neuman, tenor, started singing and performing onstage as The Cat in the Hat in first grade. This progressed to solos at church, weddings, community theatre, a song & dance troupe in high school, and solo ensemble competitions. By 1980 she was in Champaign, IL looking for something that combined singing and stage and found the Champaign Urbana chorus. After 8 years in region 5 and 18 years in region 12, she moved back to Illinois and became a Melodeer in 2006.

Sherry Oddo, lead, has been singing for as long as she can remember – at home, children’s choir at church, school ensembles, mixed chorus, swing choir and madrigals. She sang her first solo, “Top of the World”, with a broken nose! While in college, she became involved with theatre, singing in the chorus and sometimes landing one of the juicier roles. Musicals and community theatre followed until marriage and children became more important. In 1995, Sherry discovered Sweet Adelines International, and has won awards in both the quartet and chorus categories.

Diane Landry, baritone, grew up with barbershop music – her parents were both active and accomplished quartet singers, teaching their children to harmonize and sing tags on family road trips. In 1975, following her teenage “folk music” phase, Diane began her long history with Sweet Adelines. She has been a member of many successful quartets and joined the Melodeers Chorus in 1990.

Debi Batchelor, bass, had no idea in 19**, when she appeared on Channel 11’s Arkie the Arkansas Woodcutter’s Christmas show with her 4th grade class, that she would one day perform on an International stage – as a Sweet Adelines bass. Debi has been a member of Midwest Crossroad Chorus since 1995. She has performed with 5 registered and uncounted “pick-up” quartets through those years. She is a dual member, also singing with Melodeers chorus. Though Debi has enjoyed singing other styles of music, in church, madrigals, school choruses and college coffeehouses, it is barbershop harmony which has claimed heart.


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