Circle of Fifths

    Love Letters Straight From Your Heart
    Wonderful Day Medley (performed by The Four Bettys)
    I Told Them All About You/ You Dear Medley
    Let Me Call You Sweetheart
    Elmer's Tune
    Ring Out the Bells in Dixieland/ 'Cross the Mason Dixon Line Medley
    Time After Time
    I Wanna Be Around (performed by Jukebox quartet)
    Why Did I Choose You?
    Sailin' Down the Chesapeake Bay
    Here and Now
    Music Theory Lesson on the Circle of 5thss
    Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies (parody)
    Waltz of the Flowers (parody)
    Dance of the Reeds (parody)
    Russian Dance (parody)
    The Winner's Song
    We are Family

Enjoy music from our 2008 record breaking 5th gold medal win in Hawaii, including "Love Letters Straight from Your Heart," "Ring Out the Bells in Dixieland Medley," "Time After Time," "Sailin' Down the Chesapeake Bay," and more. This great recording also contains the Melodeer Music Geek set - all arranged by our director, Jim Arns. (2009)


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